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Since the year 1984, Cimton has had a glorious past in manufacturing food products like sweets and toffees. Our mission is to provide our customers with some newly flavoured naturally made toffees which have a unique status in the market that we have captured till now. Artificial flavouring in the toffees has been a controversial issue in the market and hence Cimton’s USP is to make sweets and toffees that are made up of pure natural ingredients like coconut, cardamom, peanuts all blended with rich creamy milk. Our products hold the best grip and are seen on store shelves in enormous quantities in Mumbai, various districts of Maharashtra, Gujrat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Orrisa, West Bengal, Assam, and Some Parts of uttar Pradesh, Delhi, and Kerla To cut many more states. Not only the domestic market, but our products have also captured a place in the international market and are exported to many countries like Africa and Gulf countries. Our hard-working panel puts in a lot of efforts in the area of R&D to discover new, natural and delicious flavours to expand our product offering. Our products contain a nutritive value and are a great alternative for the health-conscious people as we try and keep the sweetness content very low. So go on and enjoy the festivities with the scrumptious and mouth-watering Cimton toffees!

The contents of our offering are one of the best one’s accessible. The coconuts used to craft the toffees are the best farm selected ones from the coastal belts of India, fresh and crunchy peanuts from Gujarat, aromatic and spicy green cardamoms from some of the best vendors in town blended with rich creamy milk giving it the non-stick property which protects the teeth from cavities. Due to all our USP’s, we have generated a huge clientele across India and also in the International market and we would love you to join us too!


We follow strict norms for health and hygiene as far as production department is concerned. The production takes place with the help of fully automatic heavy equipments via which we produce huge quantities and make a quick delivery to our customers. All the raw materials pass through a strict quality check which ensures 100% fine quality products for our market. The packaging department pays strict attention to the elements used to package our toffees. Good quality aluminium foil is used to wrap the toffees which help to maintain the taste and protect the toffees.


100% quality check is adopted by the expert team in the fields of selecting the raw materials, manufacturing process, packaging materials, warehousing as well as distribution. Cimton tires to maintain a rigid set of quality rules and regulations which has to be followed during every batch production. Health and hygiene measures are undertaken to create the best and satisfactory offering for our clientele. We have generated a large chain of super stockists and distributors who strive to tap even the remote areas of the towns. Our warehouse is very well located and is connected to all the modern means of transport which leads to effective and efficient distribution.


People are a priority for Cimton and hence cimton strives to maintain business-friendly relations with all our customers and helps them grow. We aim to maintain our public relations via competitions, trade fairs, college events and functions on national holidays like republic day and Independence day by conducting a number of events on the mentioned days. Resulting to this, our relations with our clientele are strengthened which helps to facilitate better business. Our consumers as well as clients have appreciated us for our very affordable prices, the quality and scrumptious taste of our products, our quick service and availability, our competitive quotient and the fact that we always strive to update to new technologies for the betterment of our business. Such an excellent appreciation enhances and motivates Cimton to be the best in its business.

Our main motto is “To put ourselves in the customer’s place and then conduct our business.” So people get geared up, Cimton is ready to serve you!